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Our experience with all sorts of different cultures and traditions then developed our ability to adapt to new and different situations, while also allowing us to understand the importance of events being a reflection of one’s own identity.

Our different degrees allowed us to further appreciate individual differences, and our experience working in different companies has taught us the importance of customer interaction, the client’s needs, and developed our creativity and ability in planning management.

“Pearl Ivy Events” was established after we realized that we could connect the skills and knowledge obtained from our travels, what we learned while working in media firms, and our passion for decor and design.

Combined with a keen eye for details and an intuitive feel for colors, textures, and fabrics, we only have the best to offer to all clients in terms of quality and service. With this in mind, all events can be tailored to fit any of our client’s specific desires with no request being too big or small.

As a French and bilingual wedding planners based in New York and Guadeloupe, we are able to plan any celebration wherever you want.

In the United States, France, Guadeloupe even Asia or Africa, we can also officiate your french or bilingual ceremony. Focused, flexible, and fashionable, we will make your events something special to be remembered for ages.

From beach weddings, Moroccan baby shower, vintage wedding decorations, shabby chic birthday party to destination weddings, you have choices…

Are you looking for a Destination Wedding Planner in NYC or Guadeloupe? We will help you to plan your event or wedding wherever you want.



What to expect?

At Pearl Ivy Events, we believe that our services are worth it because of what we bring to the table. There are multiple advantages of working with us: negotiating deals, getting recommendations, coordinating vendors, managing budgets, and organizing rehearsals just to name a few. However, above all, we are peace-makers. Wedding Packages, full or partial services, consultation, rental for party available.

The first consultation is free and will focus on our services that will be explained to you. However, to receive a quote, you will have to make an appointment with our expert. Due to cancelled or missed appointments at the last minute and because we value our time, we charge a fee for consultation when it is about your personal project. The minimum starts from $80 and the fee depends on the type of service you request. Feel Free to contact us for more information.

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