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We understand that all clients approach planning events differently, so we offer a variety of packages to choose from in order to cater to all levels of involvement.

Not sure what package best suits your occasion? Please feel free to contact us to schedule a complementary meeting. Click on ‘+’ for description

L'Intégrale (Full coordination)

If you are looking for the most low-involvement and stress-free package, then this is the one for you!

As the name suggests, the package is for those who may not have any time to plan their event, and need help from start to finish. You can leave it to us to plan every single detail of the process, of course under parameters set by you, from the moment you contact us till the end of the event.

Perfect for a Destination wedding with more than 25 guests.

L'Essentiel (Partial Coordination)

If you are looking to be more involved in the planning process, but still want the supplementary aid, then this is the package for you.

With this package, you will still have access to the same professional guidance as the full-service package, just in a more background role.

Le jour J (Day of coordination)

For clients who pick either of our packages, there will be a specialist on the day of the event who will help oversee the entire event throughout its entirety.

The goal is to ensure that the event flows flawlessly from start to finish in every aspect.

Le Conseil (Consultation)

This package is for clients that have already done most or all the work, but still want guidance for help with the final touches.

We will continue to provide professional advice about any aspect of the event that is requested.

Le Créatif (Design PAckage)

This package for a client that wants to have complete control over the design process, but unlike the consultation package (Le Conseil), wants help all throughout the process rather than during just the final stages of designing (l`Esthetique).

Under your lead, we will help you plan, brainstorm, and organize everything to bring your event to life.

L'Esthétique (Staging Package)

This package is for clients that want actual service during the event, unlike the consultation package (le Conseil), which is for advice only.

With this package, we will provide different services at the event, whether it is designing the stage or styling clothes. Whatever you may desire!

L'Alliance (Civil ceremony)

Here at Pearl Ivy Events, not only can we plan your wedding ceremony, but we can also help officiate it too if you desire.

This can be in conjunction with any of the other packages for weddings or civil ceremonies. Let us make your matrimony be one to be remembered for the ages!

Le Décor (Rentals)

Pearl Ivy events also provides a rental service for anything you may need for your event ranging from small decorations to large props.

L'échappée belle ( Destination Event)

We recognize that planning an elaborate wedding can be a very stressful, and time-consuming endeavor. Yet, for the couples who want to keep things relaxed and simple, we believe that they still deserve a unique, and customizable event for their intimate wedding.

As such, the Intimate Service (elopement) is ideal for wedding couples that will have less than 25 guests.

Additionally, this service is right for you if you prefer to have a simple ceremony rather than a full traditional wedding reception.

If you have a small group, but still prefer a full wedding reception or plan to host your event at a private home, we suggest that you go with our Full Wedding Planning, Coordination and Design Services to ensure you get all the help you need, especially for a destination wedding with more than 25 guests.

For both options, we work with a travel agent as our business partner, so your event will be taken care of for you, to the last details.

If you want to plan a destination wedding or event for more than 25 people, we will propose l’Integrale  Package which is our full wedding service.

Our Intimate Wedding Service can be easily modified to meet your other needs as well! We are happy to customize something to meet your desires, so please don’t hesitate to ask how we can help with the vow renewal, surprise engagement or anniversary celebration you’ve been dreaming of, wherever you want !

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