Destination weddings France

Marriage is a commitment between two people that promise love and cherish each others for better and worse

Do you secretly dream of waking up in a princess-style turret, and going down the ancient stoney staircase of a beautiful castle to get married to your handsome prince charming? When most people think of eloping or getting married with the feeling of having the perfect romantic experience, they think of France because it is truly a city that is filled with love. This article will tell you why France should pick France for a destination wedding, the best places in France for your perfect wedding, and comparison between the different styles of wedding decorations in France compared to US.

France generally has a high number of chapels, châteaux, lovely wedding venues, receptions and a country house for your guests which means you can have your perfect wedding in any town in the country and at even a cheap price compared to US, UK and other countries. The country is filled with unspoilt breathtaking landscapes which will give you and your guests an unforgettable wedding experience.

France is blessed with a beautiful sunshine and an almost perfect climate which means you can pay no attention to the endless fretting over weather forecast which comes with plan ing a wedding in lesser perfect climates. If you have spent a holiday in France you will know it’s almost impossible to taste a bad french meal and wine, food is one of France’s identity so that means you won’t have to spend a fortune to have the best meals at your wedding and the most modest of bakeries produce magical exquisite pastries. Same with the wine, every wedding must involve a fair quantity of wine and to be honest it’s most likely French wine no matter where your wedding takes place, exported wines are more expensive than they are in the land of origin so why not go to France, have a bountiful supply of vintage wines at the best best and best quality.

If you have dreams of getting married in France, then you should be elated because there is no place like France. Marriages in France can only take place between 2 consenting people of at least 18 year old. French marriages take place at the Mairie, where the wedding officiant is usually a local Mayor. Every couple of both opposite-sex and same-sex are to get married at the Mairie, and later on, they can have a ceremonial or religious wedding. The Mairie of choice must be one that exists in a community either spouse has links to.
Getting married in France for foreigners who are non-residents and who have no ties to the country requires a special dispensation. You will be required to produce a Proof of residency in France from either parties for 30 days prior to the wedding, a valid passport for both parties, original birth certificate for both parties, certificate of celibacy stating you are not married, Affidavit of law stating that you are free to marry and it will be recognized in your country. Due to this most foreigners have a civil wedding in their country then have a religious or ceremonial wedding in France.

France is a lovely country with lots of amazing sceneries and romantic places for a destination wedding. PARIS is arguably the most romantic city in the world and it seems to be the perfect place to have a lovely movie setting type of marriage that leaves a precious lasting memory. Reading wedding vows in front of the Eiffel Tower is almost every woman’s dream.

Dordogne is a cultural city in the south-west of France, and it is also an awesome place to have a destination wedding. Weddings here has become popular in recent years because of its affordability and has attracted lots of English speaking wedding planners. Bordeaux is a city that has the best of things available in the French countryside as it is a vibrant and peaceful place that has lots of historic Chateaux. It has lovely beaches and remarkable wine production.

When a beautiful wedding is the aim then Provence comes to mind because it is blessed with lots of colorful lavender fields in the middle of the summer. The best time to have a wedding here is in the blooming seasons when there is good rainfall. Cote d’Azur is the perfect city to have an expensive French Riviera. It has lots of luxurious villas, hotels, private yachts, and top-notch restaurants.

Marriage ceremonies in France are conducted in unusual and beautiful venues. It has a place for every style of wedding ranging from the Châteaux which can house a large guest in an ancient beautiful setting to the Peigeonniers that’s used for a small guest wedding. Vineyards serves well for course that are lovers of wine and it offers a peaceful scenery while the outdoors seems as one of the most conventional ways to tie the knot as it offers beautiful landscapes, peaceful environment and intimate marriages. For people that also want to get married in religious places, France has lots of ancient Catholic and Church of England churches that will fit every bill. Bastide Villages are beautiful medieval villages that are perfect for having a beautiful wedding.

Wedding decorations in France are centered on simplicity and Elegance, they love pastel colors and white. Flowers are very important in every wedding as it adds beautiful and a sense of love, so French loves flowers like Lavenders, rose(closed roses), peonies etc. They love the beautiful natural vegetations and the cost of getting flowers is cheap in France. Cakes at a French wedding are called Croquembouche, which is small pastry balls that are beautifully arranged on one another and they are left naked.
Wedding decorations in US are extravagant and loaded, they are colorful and like gold. Americans like to use a lot of flowers, big bouquets, little natural vegetations, flowers runner and a high centerpiece. They use high structures and lots of customized pieces for their decoration. Americans love a shabby chic style, glamorous themed, and greenery themes. Every dedicated space is taken care of ranging from the lounging areas ,seating chart, buffet, ceremony to the tables, etc.