Destination Wedding : How to Get Married In Guadeloupe

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Are you planning a Destination wedding in Guadeloupe? Then the following guide will help you to enjoy every moment of your wedding.  The Guadeloupe Islands are the well-known part of France and the European Union. The Islands provides a variety of amenities and accommodations from 5-star hotels to breathtaking and comfortable luxury villas with private beach and Eco Lodges. Due to these specific features, many couples want to enjoy getting married there and make their marriage moments happier and memorable.

So, this guide will provide you with the answer of how to get married in Guadeloupe. As well as, we will give you some information about the legal requirement of a wedding.
Let’s find out why to get married here!

Why get married in Guadeloupe?

The first thing that comes in mind is that why couples should get married in Guadeloupe?
Guadeloupe is the taste of the Caribbean and France and couples want to make their wedding memorable in the beautiful landscape and sun beach.
The `Butterfly” offers a variety of landscapes: Grande Terre is flat and has the best beaches while Basse Terre is mountainous with lush vegetation. With Travel agency Caribbean Soul Trip, you will experience Chic and Local activities. Enjoy having a diner prepared by a private Chef or if you are more adventurous, board a ship and practice snorkeling in our emerald sea.

Other reasons that make Guadeloupe best place are: for the new married couple, cheap air ticket from New York City with Norwegian Airlines is available. It will take only $79 for a single trip and provides good memorable moments of the wedding. If you are coming with your guests, after your  wedding to enjoy some vacations, this place will also offer you amazing features of the journey.

How to get married in Guadeloupe?

All couples who are very willing and exciting to get married in Guadeloupe, they should marry civilly in their country and present marriage certificate. If you want to get married in Guadeloupe, then you should know about the legal requirement and other alternatives. Before planning to get married in Guadeloupe, you need to take care of the proper paperwork required for you and your wedding party.
As Guadeloupe Islands are territories of France, getting married legally on Guadeloupe Islands is only possible through a civil ceremony that takes place at the Mairie ( City Hall) and if you have been living in France for at least 3 months.

Destination wedding Guadeloupe for foreigners

Foreigners who desire to tie the knot in Guadeloupe can seek an alternative: Non-residents would have a civil marriage in their country, they would be legally married where they live and then hold a religious, secular or non-denominational ceremony in Guadeloupe.

Same sex Marriage in Guadeloupe

This law is the same for both same-sex and heterosexual couples. Marriages of Same-sex couples was legalized in France in 2013. The ceremonies and procedures for both marriages are identical, so every couple enjoys their way.

Ceremony can be conduct in English, if you do not speak French or can be bilingual or in your language if you find an officiant capable to do so.

Where to get married in Guadeloupe? 

The Islands provides many places to get married at. Hotels, beaches, plantations, restaurants, luxury private villas, and beautiful Eco lodges represent so many possibilities. For you and your guests, we advice you to book hotels or luxury private villas that give a beautiful view and are close to city attractions: restaurants, bar, casino, markets and beaches, especially if you stay is short. If you decide to go to Basse -Terre part of Guadeloupe easily gives you access to a lot of water and green activities and you can say `I Do’ in front a spectacular waterfall.

Style and Theme for a destination wedding

Different types of theme and style for the wedding can be achieved in Guadeloupe destination. When deciding about to host or planning a destination wedding, it is essential to determine which style and theme of destination are perfect. Many couples want to enjoy their wedding near the sea views; some are looking for vintage. Depending upon the guests and cost, couples arrange to decide where they manage their marriage ceremony and what theme they will choose.
Destination wedding in the Caribbean does not always mean Tropical wedding style. You can have any style or create your own tropical twist.

Here are some examples:

The Tropical: the most common, think about greenery, exotic flowers, Variant : Aloha/Hawaiian, flamingo themes

The Glamorous : Luxurious elements décor, high vases, Crystal, gold cutlery, customized elements, decor to the last details, luxury tent on beach, tropical flowers, Variant white Glamorous: orchids, coconuts, white rose, designed 3 tier cake.

Tropical rustic: focus on barrels, crates, tropical flowers, galvanized elements, rustic cross back chairs, wooden table

Tropical Boho: mix textures and cultures, native American and Moroccan elements, shabby chic items

The nautical theme: maritime items, anchor, boats white and blue stripes

British Colonial vibes:  sugar cane, dark rattan plates, colonial hat, low centerpieces, vintage furniture

Where to spend your Honeymoon ?

If you stay in the main Island, visit the others islands ( les saintes, desirable, Marie Galante) or enjoy your stay in basse terre or grande Terre. If your accommodation is on Grande-Terre, go to Basse-Terre and vice a versa.
Guadeloupe Island also provides a variety of white, ocher and black beaches, pick one and enjoy a beautiful honeymoon trip with us. Black ???!!! Wait a minute…Yes Black, because of the Volcano!

Saint Lucia is another option for honeymoon.  The Island provides secure, luxurious accommodation that is needed by couples for making their honeymoon memorable. Saint Lucia was a former French territories but gained independence. Guadeloupe and Saint Lucia have the language in common. We speak the same Creole.

Cost Associated with to get married in Guadeloupe

Calculating cost incurred in destination wedding can be tricky. The cost of a destination wedding depends on the how extravagant couple wants to do in their wedding ceremony. Wedding cost depends on the number of guests, ceremony and reception location, imported décor, hotel excursions, trip for vendors and officiant if necessary. By comparison, the cost of a destination wedding in Guadeloupe is less expensive than one in New York City.
Destination wedding should be in such a way that it can easily be managed in a suitable budget. According to the study, in 2017 about 23% of couples got married in 200miles away from their area. The average cost associated with the domestic and international destination wedding is about $33,391 in recent year.

In the end, we can say that destination wedding in The Guadeloupe Islands is considered as the perfect choice to enjoy the golden moments of your marriage ceremony. Our company will provide you the best option for your wedding destination  to make it memorable and stylish. We work with our skilled team and gives you proper suggestions to tie the knot on this beautiful Island. Contact and tell us more about your wedding planning.