Destination Guadeloupe, a paradise…

Planning a romantic proposal, an anniversary, a bridal party or looking for a destination wedding location? Do not look any further!
Guadeloupe is a gem that will surprise you by its beauty, diversity and French style. ‘Karukera’, its old name, was ranked at 11th best place to go in 2016 by The New York Times.

Spectacular beaches, lush vegetation, gastronomy, Guadeloupe has a lot to offer.

Pearl Ivy Events will be by your side to plan an unique celebration in the paradise!

Choose Guadeloupe as a Destination Wedding
Guadeloupe- as the name goes is an archipelago between the Caribbean Sea and the tropical Atlantic comprising of eight inhabited islands; the two major ones are the Basse-Terre and the Grande-Terre and are separated by a channel of water known as the Rivière Salée.
But that isn’t what makes it famous. There is a lot more about Guadeloupe that many may not know about !  So if you are a tourist, then you would be happy to know that Guadeloupe is the home to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and is very famous for its historical sites as well.

But what if you are a native?
Well, we are going to tell you all about marrying in Guadeloupe in Caribbean style, and I am sure that you will be more than happy to share your views on it!

How did it all go to Guadeloupe?
The past of Guadeloupe can be traced as far back as 700 BC when it was home to the Amerindians that came in small boats to the islands. The historical sites especially the forts at Pointe-a-Pitre and Basse-Terre are a perfect example of how a fearsome warrior destroyed common life in Guadeloupe. However, there hasn’t been any other explanation or a hint of the war happening at that time. Later on, Guadeloupe was ruled over by the French and the British in the mid-seventeenth century thus making it a hub for all the trade processes of the colonisers.
Including many other evils, Guadeloupe was home to the slave trade as well! Also, one can see a lot of shifts in reins of power between the French and the British until the first black governor got elected in 1936 which just changed everything. To this date, Guadeloupe stays to be an administrative region of the French. Hou can visit the mémorial AcTe for more information.

A blend of Cultures!
It seems as if all the major cultures of the people that have lived or ruled here have been blend together in a cauldron and have been thoroughly mixed to make what is the Guadeloupean culture now! It is just the perfect mixture of the art, music and culinary practices of France, India, Africa and the neighboring Caribbean countries which makes it a diverse and unique culture in itself.
As far as religion is concerned, the locals are majorly Catholic followed by a small minority of Evangelical Protestants.

Life and Music in Guadeloupe:
When going out, and attended clubs and bars you would be shocked to see the blended version of Creole bélé and polka genre of music that you can enjoy here. It is known as biguine which is, of course, the traditional local version of the music for them. However, you can also see other varieties in the streets and clubs across the country.

The skilled locals!
There is one thing that makes Guadeloupe stand out from the rest of the Caribbean, and that is the skill its inhabitants have in handicrafts. Just go to Pointe Noire, and you will see the best artisans in woodwork. The carvings they do on the wood of nearly all kinds are just stupendous! Move around to Saint Francois, and you will see the mastery of making sculptures from a coconut! Similarly, you can find the best work in embroidery in La Broderie de Vieux-Fort as well! Just mention anything, and you can find it here in all styles blended with the exquisite touch of Guadeloupe’s culture!

The food in Guadeloupe!
The last but not the least comes the cuisine and the culinary! The wonderful and aromatic seafood and even better veg content in it makes the mouth go watery in no time! This is what makes up the local menus but is sometimes decorated by the Indian dishes such as meat and rice. And in beverages, Guadeloupe is the home of Rum! Not regarding making but the locals love it! Our article about Guadeloupean food is here!

Fun Facts about Guadeloupe:
• In the past, Guadeloupe was known as ‘Karukera’, which meant ‘The Island of Beautiful Waters’.
• Guadeloupe’s currency is the Euro because it is considered an overseas department of France.
• Guadeloupe is one of the best sites for scuba diving in the world.
• Christopher Columbus was the first man to see pineapples here, and he thought he had ‘discovered’ them and name them ‘pina de Indias’ which means as ‘pine cone of the Indies’.
• Guadeloupe is famous for its traditional dance as well which is known as ‘biguine’. It is a dance of Creole origin that is still performed in the country’s traditional festivals! And Guadeloupeans love dancing zouk as well in clubs.

Marrying in Guadeloupe:
Marrying in Guadeloupe (Here our article on how to get married in Guadeloupe) is just too much fun as well. It can be the beach weddings in the evening with a yacht, or at the botanical garden in Guadeloupe and it will be a perfect destination wedding! There are wedding planners, like us specialized in Guadeloupe that can get you the best arrangements .
And as I said, locals at Guadeloupe love their Rum so they are happy with a lot of it, a sun setting along the coast of a beautiful beach and some wonderfully cooked seafood to fulfill their desire on wedding night!

Are you thinking of visiting Guadeloupe? Or want to have close look to Caribbean lifestyle? You definitely should but make sure you go between November and April when the sun isn’t that hot, and you can easily stand the warmth of it. You will surely return with a perfect tan, a fantastic adventure story to publish on your blog and lots of memories that would cherish you for ages to come.

How to go to Guadeloupe?

In Europe, from Paris ; In North America, from Montreal, New York and Miami

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