Local wedding planner Vs Destination wedding planner

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Obviously, you have a picture of how you want your wedding to be. The decoration, music, location, food, and everything you can think of to make your big day memorable. However, this does not come easy; it comes a time when you have to actualize the dream. A successful celebration is entirely dependent on proper planning, which is almost impossible on your own; you need a professional wedding planner and the knowledge of wedding vendors.

A coordinator or wedding planner will help you to make your vision come true. This professional will be in charge of planning an intimate wedding, traditional wedding as well as an honeymoon.

Wedding planners take time to capture your idea and bring it to reality. They advise and recommend items basing on your dreams sharing with you wedding tips. Typically, destination wedding locations are a distance away from home where all the planning is taking place. Destination wedding sounds exotic and most people suppose that the location should be in the caribbean, on a private island, in a breathtaking setting… In paradise!.

At first glance, couples think of tropical destination (Barbados, Punta Cana, Dominica republic, Santa Lucia, Cancun …) while a destination wedding can be planned wherever you want. Destination wedding does not necessarily mean white sand and beaches resorts. It is simply a beautiful and unforgettable getaway. However, you will need for sure a professional that can coordinate the two locations for effectiveness of the destination wedding planning process, especially if you hire a destination wedding planner that offer full services.

How to choose your wedding planner ?

If you are planning to `Say I do’ at the same location that you live in then finding a wedding planner is not going to be difficult. However, if you are planning to have your celebration in some other location, city, town, country, then you need to make sure that you are hiring the perfect wedding planner for this job. The difficulty will come with finding the right wedding planner. The one that will fit your needs.
There are two types of wedding planners for these situations.

One type of wedding planner is called a local wedding planner. A local wedding planner is someone who lives where you want your wedding to be at. This type of wedding planner helps in implementing your ideas on customizing the wedding venue.
The other type is called destination wedding planner. A destination wedding planner is someone who lives in the same location as you do and is going to travel with you for the wedding. This hiring such a wedding planner is the best decision you can ever make; you need to a planner that is constantly with you to make any changes as the day draws near. The planner should also be present on that day to ensure all is set. A destination wedding is a link between you and the preparation process.

Now both of these options may sound so good but each of them has pros and cons that make it a bit difficult to choose. So the first thing that you need to do is to figure out as a couple where your wedding is going to be. Is it going to be in the same city, is it going to be in another country? You need to decide that before looking for a wedding planner. When/if you decide you want to have your wedding in another city or country then it is time to decide what type of wedding planner will be more suitable for you. For both options, you need someone on the ground for consultation and real time feedback on condition and any preparations you need before the big day.

Pros and Cons


Is knowing your wedding style and culture important ?

A wedding planner that lives in the same city as you do is familiar with your culture, with the things you like or you don’t like, things that are offensive in your culture and they would understand your plan for your wedding style much better. However, a local wedding planner that lives in another city or another country is most probably not very much familiar with a bride and groom’s culture or have difficulties picturing what you are looking for, for your wedding. Unless you are looking for a wedding planner that has a different culture with less creativity or that proposes you the same type of decoration to their clients then you will be very satisfied with a local wedding planner.

Connection to wedding vendors:

A local wedding planner knows the markets and wedding vendors. They would know where to shop from and can find places that offer the supplies at cheap prices. The local destination wedding planner has a vetted list ready to choose including photography, music, catering, etc. and so you need not spend much time running with the planner. You can see the venue in direct live thanks to Internet and also walk-through to ensure you have all that you need.
A destination wedding planner has full understanding of suitability of products to your wedding preferences. You won’t waste time shopping because this wedding planner knows exactly what you need and where to find them. Also, this planner knows your budget and its value and would source for the best products within the amount just doing some research. Both can propose you destination wedding packages and/or honeymoon packages that can include travel arrangement ( group rates, airfare) accommodation, excursions as well.

Knowing your wedding location

Your wedding planner must find a great location according to what you wish to have. A destination wedding planner best understands your preferences and background hence and best places to source for wedding venue that suits your needs. A local wedding might not capture the real idea because of distance and unfamiliarity with you. If you want to tie the knot at the sunset for example, your wedding planner will probably seek for an authorization to do so. So the local wedding planner may know better on this subject. However, with all the technology and internet, it is not complicated for a destination wedding planner to access to important information.

Communication and language:

It is difficult to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you do. They can misunderstand or not understand you at all. But when you want to communicate with someone who lives in the same location as you do, you will have no problem. Also, when you hire a wedding planner that lives near you, you can ask them to come with you to rehearsal, wedding dress shopping, etc. and but when you hire someone who lives at the location of your wedding, you cannot have a face to face communication with them. Unless you constantly video call with them. In that case, you need to remember that there might be a time zone issue that you might have trouble.
Also, remember that your destination wedding planner would be able to propose you an officiant able to plan your wedding ceremony that can speak your language and able to travel. Legal requirements to get married in a foreign country can be a headache.
Evidently, you should go for a destination wedding planner anytime. Be sure to check on their professionalism on basis of recent works and designs. See if their designs and taste matches yours. Ask them how they are planning to fulfill your wishes and give you the wedding you want. After confirming that your wedding planner understands what you need in the wedding, you can relax and fantasize on the big day.

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