Elopement Vs Traditional Wedding… What to choose ?

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 What is eloping ?

When a bride and groom get married without informing their parents or anybody else, it is called eloping. Though eloping technically means “running away”, in wedding parlance eloping is not simply an act of running away by the man and woman, but they select a romantic spot as their destination for their elopement and get married there. There are many people who are of the opinion that conducting the wedding in the traditional manner is not the only way to become life partners. They elope to selected destinations where they conduct their marriage most economically, but enjoy together.

In these days, elopement is quite common and those who elope are not running away; they inform their parents and other loved once in advance about their decision to elope. However, in such cases they seldom invite them to attend the marriage function. They completely avoid the formal wedding function and make it a private ceremony among both of them. The couple who decide to elope will be having their own reasons to elope and in modern society eloping is not considered as a wrong way of conducting marriage. To those couple who feel that traditional wedding is not suitable for them eloping is getting married in their own way.

Another fact to be mentioned here is that all the couples who elope are not completely skipping the ceremony or the marriage party. Some of them arrange a very limited and intimate wedding party for which they invite only a very limited number of guests. There are some couples who elope to a destination, conduct their marriage there and after returning to home they arrange a reception for which they invite their relatives and friends. Though couples decide to elope for various reasons, the most common reasons for elopement are that either their financial position is not so good so that they cannot afford traditional wedding or the parents and other members of the family are against their marriage or the bride is already conceived and they want to conduct the marriage before the birth of their child.

What about Traditional Wedding ?

Every country, religion, community and society will be having an established way of conducting marriages and the marriages that are conducted in such traditional ways are called traditional weddings. In traditional weddings the parents, other relatives and friends of the bride as well as groom will participate and also as part of the celebration there will be rituals, exchange of rings as well as vows, prayers, pronouncement of marriage, exchange of gifts, Kiss, closing remarks and a grand wedding party. Photographers and videographers will be arranged to cover the function. In fact, traditional weddings are weddings that are conducted according to the customs and practices of a particular culture.

Advantages of eloping

First of all, for the couples who are financially weak, eloping is the cheapest and the most affordable way to conduct their marriage. Especially for the couples who have been living together, the couples for whom this is not their first marriage and those couple who already have a child, elopement is quite advantageous.

Eloping is always an affordable and less stressful way of conducting the marriage. The couples who choose to elope can save substantial amount of their hard earned money since they need not attend a lot of relatives and friends, need not provide them food and drink and need not entertain them. The couples who decide to elope can avoid the complicated task of planning the wedding party and the stressful task of arranging the venue, party, gift items, dresses and transportation.

The eloping couple can have the marriage 100% the way they want it and the marriage function will be an affair just among both of them. Since eloping makes the marriage a private affair, the couples need not listen to the suggestions, opinions and comments of a lot of people and as a result no relationship will be strained. When the bride and groom are from different religions or cultures, by way of eloping they can prevent religious or cultural clashes. Those who decide to elope can select a location for their marriage according to their preferences and they can enjoy the marriage as a true holiday for both. Elopement enables them to avoid all kinds of family drama.

Advantages of traditional wedding

Arranging and conducting a traditional wedding is a great experience for the couples in their lifetime. They learn how to share with others and how to involve other people, how to welcome guests as well as make them feel happy and comfortable, how to tackle small issues, disagreements, power dynamics, etc. and how to take timely decisions and to execute them. They learn the art of proper planning which will enable them to arrange a fabulous wedding party in the most cost-effective way. By way of inviting the relatives and friends to the functions, sharing gifts and memories, serving them with foods and drinks and taking photographs with them the relationships as well as friendships become stronger and healthier. The opportunity to arrange and conduct a wedding party will not come often and hence by arranging the wedding in the traditional way one gets the chance to go all out and make it a memorable event.

Why hiring a Wedding Planner ?

When the bride and groom decide to celebrate their wedding as grand as possible they have to take each decision based on their budget. Sometimes they go clueless and get confused. They desperately search for ideas and information. The professional wedding planner can help them to a great extent in planning and conducting the wedding in the proper way and well within their budget. Throughout the process the wedding planner will commit to protect the interests of the couples and he will ensure that nothing is done against their wishes or preferences.

When hiring a wedding planner the couple can make their wedding celebration a stress-free affair for them. The experienced wedding planner will be having long business relationships with all the vendors and as a result he or she will be able to get substantial discounts while purchasing various items for the wedding. Thus the celebration will be more cost-effective. The wedding planner will spend time to meet different vendors and for each item he will be able to finalize the best deal for his clients. In case of confusion or when something is to go wrong, the couples need not worry and can be cool and comfortable. The wedding planner will take care of everything and will take all necessary steps to make the celebration a smooth affair.


Where to Elope?

The couples who decide to elope will require to search and finalize an ideal destination where they can conduct their marriage and can enjoy their marriage holiday. Those who decide to elope have a lot of options for their destination. Those prefer to conduct their marriage at an ideal location in the Caribbean can have Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, Jamaica or Guadeloupe as their destination and those who search for destinations in USA have exciting options like New York, Texas, Colorado, Nevada, California, Vermont and Hawaii. In France they can choose Paris, Carcassonne or South of France, Provence as their destination.

In the Caribbean

1. Saint Lucia
Those who elope to Saint Lucia can choose any one of the amazing locations here which are known for their scenic beauty. The wedding locations in Saint Lucia are highly romantic and the management and staff of each resort are committed to make every wedding a memorable event for the couples. For their marriage the couples can choose either of the highly enchanting special locations such as beach, plantation, garden, waterfall, coral reef or even the room where they stay. Wedding dress, photography, videography, post-wedding sailing trip, spa package and live entertainment programs are also available. The Resort will arrange the two witnesses also.

2. Puerto Rico
In Puerto Rico one can find many amazing locations for the wedding. The wedding organizers offer the elopement package which includes all the facilities that are required to conduct legal, intimate, easy and nice functions. Video photographers, photographers and make-up artists are also included in the package. The marriage will be registered at the appropriate office and the organizers will arrange the witnesses also. The customized package will be as per requirements of the couples. The couples should have all the documents required including photo ID and birth certificate which are to be submitted at the Demographic Registry.

3. Jamaica
For those who plan to elope to Jamaica and get married there 1st November to 15th December is the most ideal time. It is not a peak tourist season and there will be no hurricane also. The officer will charge around $200. The marriages that are conducted according to the law in Jamaica are recognized in the US. The average wedding package exclusive of accommodation is around $1000. However, the resorts offer free wedding packages to their customers. The official language of Jamaica is English and here cars are available for rental. The beautiful beaches, the pleasant weather and the not-so-expensive resorts make Jamaica an ideal location for eloping couples.

4. Guadeloupe
The Guadeloupe Islands make an ideal location for marriages and this place is known for its beauty and simplicity. The event organizers here help the couple to make it the most memorable day of the life. The awe-inspiring beaches, the beautiful mountains, the exciting waterfalls and the French Savoir Faire had made Guadeloupe a romantic destination for the couples. Those who come from US need only a valid US passport. The couples who want to get married in Guadeloupe must have civilly married in their country and should produce the marriage certificate. Marriage officiants and minister-in-a-can are available in the language chosen by the couple. The cheapest flight from New York to Guadeloupe will cost just $79 one way and $208 for fly round-trip.

In The United States

1. New York
Getting married in New York City is indeed one of the greatest experiences one can have in life. Affordable packages are offered by the wedding organizers and the package includes a grand wedding at affordable price, photographer and Officiant. Witnesses are arranged for no additional charges. The photography includes candid shots and professional portraiture.

2. Texas
There are the best locations in Texas for grand weddings as well as small, intimate weddings. Private cottages and different packages are available here. After their arrival in Texas the couples can go around and choose the location for the ceremony according to their tastes and preferences. Photographs will be taken during and after the wedding. Guests are charged individually.

3. Colorado
Colorado is one of the beautiful destinations in the US and eloping to Colorado is a highly exciting experience. There are different packages according to the budget of the couple. Those who have low budget can opt for a minimal ceremony with the spectacular Colorado Mountains in the background and an Officiant also will be arranged. The all-inclusive elopement package will cover everything to make the wedding full of fun and entertainment. Couples can opt for outdoor elopement packages also which will be adventurous as well as exploratory. The outstanding features of the package are tailored location and time, four hours of photography, online gallery of 175+ digital photos and unlimited downloads as well as personal printing rights.

4. Nevada
A variety of budget-friendly elopement packages are available at the various wedding locations in Nevada. Intimate ceremony will be arranged in one of the romantic locations and Wedding Officiant also will be arranged. Couple can select personalized wedding vows and the bride and the groom will be offered wedding cupcake with keepsake flutes and wedding toast with grape juice. Bride and groom will be provided separate dressing rooms to change into the wedding attire. There are wonderful locations for wedding photography.

5. California
For those couple who plan an adventure elopement will find California as their most ideal destination. The weather is excellent and most of the places here are good to visit throughout the year. Those who want to avoid the peak tourist season may select any month other than June, July and August. The attractions are green forests, rainforests, alpine lakes, deserts, redwoods, snowcapped mountains and rugged beaches. Officiant and two witnesses are required.

6. Vermont (close to French Canada)
The Vermont elopement is short, simple and very economical. Ceremonies are conducted both in English and French. A typical wedding in Vermont may cost in the range $15000 – $30000. Some couples host a wedding party a year after they elope to Vermont. Marriage in Vermont will never be a stressful event and there will be no complications or confusion.

7. Hawaii
The elopement packages in Hawaii provide the couples the opportunity to swim with turtles and dolphins in the calm waters. The services are provided at Big Island, Oahu and Maui. The location can be a beach which has a mix of sand, black rock and pine trees. Beach Permit must be obtained. Waimea, Waipio Valley, Mauna Kea, Hilo Bay and the Pine Trees Beach are some of the most beautiful locations here.

In France

1. Paris
The elopement to Paris will enable the couple to enjoy a simple and intimate marriage ceremony in one of the most beautiful locations in the world. The normal packages allow upto 15 guests also. Those who wish to make their Paris elopement an outdoor ceremony can select one of the most enchanting locations such as Eifel Tower or the Paris Garden. Arranging the Officiant is also included in the package and the couple can select the ceremony location according to their preferences.

2. Carcassonne
Those who elope to Carcassonne will find that the venue is very grand and they might have never imagined such a grand venue for their marriage. There are different types of venues like Medieval, Chateau and Castle. The features of these venues include gardens, swimming pools, cloisters, restaurant, gourmet food and gazebo. The Chateau type venues are for very small crowds and the places will be small with a few tables and chairs. Medieval type venues are painted in shabby chic colors and have wall decorations. These are elegant venues and the furniture are from antique collections. These venues can accommodate a few relatives and friends of the couple. The Castles provide the most stunning setting for the wedding ceremony. These venues can accommodate up to 70 seated guests.

3. South of France, Provence
Those who wish to conduct their marriage in French Riviera can plan to elope to South of France, Provence. The couple may book a celebrant in advance who will organize the ceremony. The location of the ceremony can be a vineyard or a beach or any other awe-inspiring place. The ceremony can be in the church also in the couple’s own language. There are many enchanting destinations here on French Riviera as well as Provence. Spring and summer are the ideal seasons. There are a few amazing venues from where the couple can enjoy the beauty of French Alps.

If you are still not sure which one is the best for you, our team will help to choose the type of wedding that will fit your needs. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.