Caribbean Cuisine in Guadeloupe: A French Heritage

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Guadeloupe is an island renowned for its unique culture. The heritage is not only in dressing and language but also food. In fact, food is the most pronounced aspect of the Caribbean islands group. The Caribbean people are influenced from Africa, France, and India to name a few.

Creole Food comes a very long way and is mix a various cultures. Accras is probably the most popular delicacy in the island that you will eat as an appetizer. And if you love food, Guadeloupe is the place where you should be considering for your next vacation because there is a lot to learn and enjoy. Direct flights from France increase its popularity and attention around the world.


The Caribbean island has a rich heritage based on slavery of the early centuries. The story begins with the harsh conditions that pushed slaves to invent their meals to survive. They were not allowed to enjoy the delicacies such as meats or access regular meals like their masters. A minimalist culture of essential food was born and adopted by the slaves’ descendants down to the generations.
The slave foods were limited to the nutritional benefits and were retrieved from the resources around them. Since they worked in plantations all days of their lives, their diets were based on foods obtained from the expansive lands. Their creativity allowed them to introduce methods of procurement, tools used to prepare, and preparation techniques.

Over time, the cuisine allowed a mixture of different cultures such as european, american, and indigenous cuisines. Heritage pride and economics are some of the secondary contributing factors, which led to the current product. Today, most meals comprise seafoods, both white and red meant in Sauce, and Asian spices. The spices include: hot peppers, ginger, cinnamon, curry powder, and other useful additional ingredients.



What does our Creole cuisine consist of ?

When you land in the Caribbean island, you will notice the difference with others Caribbean islands in the Antilles not only in food preparation but also serving.

Here is our guadeloupean traditional food ritual :

Food Ritual

Similar to the French tradition, the Caribbean style features a cocktail served, a `punch’ at first. The rum features a combination of sugar, coconut milk, and lime juice mixed with fruits, which were left macerating. You might appreciate a `Ti punch’, a mix of rum, brown sugar and lemon.


 Do you Know ? :  `Ti’, it is the contraction for Petit that means small in French. You will be welcomed by a punch, that we call familiarly ‘un décollage’, meaning a ‘take off. Hopefully, you will land smoothly!

You then will serve an appetizer, mostly Accras or Malangas. This is the standard menu to a traditional Caribbean. The appetizer comes with shrimps or salt cod or vegetable with lime, garlic, and pepper. After using accras for your appetizer, you will be served a salad, followed by the main meal, coffee, and dessert.

Fresh Juice

Take a walk at food markets and witness the variety in fruits. Tropical fruits characterize the markets; anything from papaya, banana, to melon is available in large quantities. In Guadeloupe, you can find exotic fruits and vegetables that you may never heard about. Carambole, pomme cythère, corossol and malaka that can be easily blended for fresh fruit juice. We will also appreciate a Sinobol or Snowball, which is a scrapped ice in cup with syrup on the top.


You should not leave the Caribbean without having a bite of this classic snack. This dumpling is readily available on streets and the market. It is a common starter in restaurants. Usually, it is filled with shrimp, lobster, or cod.

Chicken Curry ( Colombo de poulet) : our national dish !

This is a mix of coriander, turmeric, cloves, and cumin. Typically, it is presented with vegetable and meat. You also have an option of tossing it with seafood. To most French enthusiasts, the curry is often served with sweet plantains and rice. The Caribbean classic is traced back to late 19th century when Sri Lanka immigrants were on the island working on sugar plantations. The recipe is said to be part of Sri Lanka’s best delicacies.

Where to Eat in Guadeloupe ?

Guadeloupean caters for all budget levels. If you are out on a weekend to enjoy a fancy meal, there are spots for you in Jarry. Also, you can decide to experience on-site dining in the tourist prime areas. Most tourists are in Gosier, Ste Anne, Basse Terre, and Pointe-à-Pitre among other major cities on the island.
If you are traveling on a budget and not interested in dressing up for dinner, there are endless street vendors for 24 hours as well as  eateries close to beaches with variety of local foods. There is always something for everyone, from adventurous to picky  taste and preference.

Learn how to cook our creole cuisine

If you are on a treat vacation, you will experience the best from a professional perspective. On the other hand, if you are on a budget, there are still options for you to experience the beauty and art in food of our people. The local chefs are friendly and experienced in their work; most of these people won’t mind sharing the concept with visitors. The locals are hospitable; the fact that you are a guest in their city is exciting. If you show interest in their delicacy, they are willing and ready to introduce you to their cuisine. You will easily be invited in the homes to enjoy the delicacies. Check Les Ateliers Foodîles for cooking classes. You will certainly learn some culinary French words.

Female Cooks Festival in Guadeloupe

Female chefs are celebrated as part of the creole culinary tradition. The event is characterized by special chef dressing as well as branded aprons and headscarves. Clergy bless utensils, which are used on the event. The chefs then walk to streets to celebrate by dancing. It has been consistent for the past century, every August. Rum and other types of beverage are part of the dining.


Guadeloupe food tradition is not something you want to miss if you visit the region. The people are welcoming enough and ready to share their creativity and skill. Learn as much as you can from the local cuisine.

While we are not caterers, we can however advise you about our cultural and Caribbean food. We did it for a proposal that took place in Guadeloupe, on a beach. This proposal has been recorded by a French Channel Tv, TF1,  you can find behing the scene here.