Are you planning for a destination wedding, where you will find resorts and luxury hotels? If yes then this guide is going to help you to enjoy your wedding to the fullest. We are going to talk about getting married in Miami VS getting married in Guadeloupe, so that you can choose where you are going to spend your special day!
Let us start without wasting any more time!

Getting married in Guadeloupe

A well-known part of France, where the islands provide you with variety of accommodations and amenities from comfortable and luxury villas, to the 5 star hotels, all with Eco Lodges and your private beach. Couples enjoy getting married there, so we are going to find out that why you should get married in Guadeloupe:
• It is going be the perfect beach wedding, where you can make your marriage memorable with sun beach and the astounding landscape, as well as in front of a waterfall
• If you are looking for luxury wedding, then there is no place other than ‘Butterfly’, which offers many astounding landscapes.
• You can get cheap air ticket for your wedding flight, from the New York City with Jet Blue and Delta airlines or Air France from Miami. You can enjoy your vacation if you have time left after your wedding. You also can enjoy the honeymoon by the clear waters.

How you can get married in Guadeloupe

If your wedding planning has gone this far where you are ready to fly to Guadeloupe, then we are going to tell you that how you can do so. You will have to know about all the legal requirements and you ought to be taking care of the paperwork beforehand in order to avoid any problems.

If you do not want to mess yourself up into all of the paperwork and understand how things work, then you should go for the wedding planner in order to get everything straight. You need to keep one thing in your mind that the destination wedding in the Caribbean does not mean that you will get the tropical style, you will have to create this twist for you.

Things to Do and See in Guadeloupe:
1. Hindu Temple at St. Marie
2. Dive at Cousteau Reserve
3. Galion Waterfalls
4. Hike to the top of La Soufrière
5. Guadeloupe National Park

Now that you are clear about why you should get married in Guadeloupe, we are going to move on to our next destination, so that you can choose between the two. Here you go:

Getting married in Miami

If this is your wedding going on, have you even considered Miami for the destination wedding? If not, then we are going to tell you the reasons, why you should consider Miami before thinking about any other place. Here you go:
Reasons to get married in Miami.

We have selected a few best reasons out of many others, to spend the most special day of yours.

1. Known as the happiest place
Miami is known as the happiest place on earth as it is not very far away from the Disney world! You are going to get a lot of options for your wedding in Miami, if you have any questions then you can ask them from the wedding planner.
2. Astounding reception locations
This things is absolutely true, you can throw a beach party for your wedding reception, and you also will find many royal banquet halls there.
3. The beaches

Just imagine that you are having this feeling of wind blowing with the sound of waves, and you are looking in the eyes of your spouse. The soft light of sunset is making the atmosphere more soothing and making you love your partner even more.
People enjoy their weddings in Miami because they say that weddings on the beach of Miami are stress free. All because of the climate, you can select any month of the year, you definitely are going to feel the soft sand under your feet.

Moreover, the ocean and beach are already mesmerizing and majestic, you will not have to stress yourself over the decoration part. You can also get yourself a yacht after the wedding so that you can enjoy even more. If your friends and family want to live in Miami for a bit more time, then you will not regret enjoying the time with them afterwards.
How you can get married in Miami.You will have to learn about the marriage requirements before you are going to apply for the license. Also, you will have to take the course that will be four hour, after receiving the license you will be given 60 days to get married.

The accommodations

There are many hotels from where you can choose for the accommodations, there are also room blocks for the weddings. You can choose from thousands of wedding venues that your guests are going to love!

End note

So, what did you decide where are you going to get married? Both of the locations are mesmerizing and are the perfect spot for the destination wedding. Also, you can write in the comments section below if you have any more ideas for the destination wedding, so that you can help the others like you.

Why won’t you combine both locations ? You can get married in Guadeloupe or Miami and spend your honeymoon in Florida or the Caribbeans… Santé!