Guadeloupe islands Vacation & Holiday : Travel Guide and tips, getaway from New York

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Caribbean Cuisine in Guadeloupe: A French HeritageTraveling somewhere you have never been before can be intimidated. So Before exploring the beauty of Guadeloupe Islands, be sure to check out our handy hints. Real advices from true Guadeloupean.

Morning wake up

Guadeloupeans are generally up early very morning because they enjoy experiencing a full day of sunshine.

As an extension of France, Guadeloupean currency is the Euro. For currency exchange you may want to avoid the airport because it cost more than the establishments in guadeloupe where currency exchange can be done cheaper.

In addition to currency, the main languages of Guadeloupe are French and Creole

Guadeloupe is in the same time zone as New York.

Public bus transportation is not as developed as they are in big cities, so renting a car might be preferred. Renting from a major company can be expensive, however. Nonetheless, depending on the season, a car rental can be acquired for as low as $15.00 a day.

It would be wise not put all of your trust into your GPS. It may provide the wrong directions that can be disasterous for your plans. For instance, during a campaign, I once got my car stuck in the mud in the middle of nowhere. That experience taught me to only follow concrete roads.

Basse Terre, and Grande Terre
Guadeloupe is split into 2 towns: Basse Terre which has a mountainous landscape and Grande Terre is flat. There is a long distance between 2 towns, so upon visiting you may want to change rental lodgings in each part of the island. A villa can be rented in Basse Terre for few days, and you can go to a hotel in Grande Terre the rest of your vacations.As a result less time is spent in traffic.

Noon hospitality
Guadeloupeans often greet you with “Bonsoir”(Good evening) after noon.

Religious holidays are held in high regard. Most businesses are closed for Christmas and Jeudi Saint.

The beaches are beautiful, but be vigilant upon visiting. A tree called “Moncellinier” can cause burns on the skin especially when it rains. The substance from the leaves gets into the rain water when the rain hits the leaves, so try to avoid seeking shelter under these trees when it rains. These trees, however, are normally marked by environmentalists to identify them.
The ocean water is beautiful, but for those who do not know how to swim please be careful. The best time to go to the beach is on week days before 11 am, especially if you are headed for Sainte-Ann-Bourg Beach ( a great time to find parking).

Food and drink to taste absolutely !

You really need to taste the following meals. A blend of cultures!

Accras (Cod fish fritters) and Ti’Punch (Rhum with sugarcane and lemon)
Fricasse de Lambi ou Chatrou (Conch or Octopus Fricasse)
Boudin noir (Antillean Black Sausage)
Colombo au poulet (Chicken Curry)
Dombrés aux Crabes ( dumpling with Crabs)

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The flights will operate on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays: Guadeloupe is a perfect getaway spot from New York. You can plan a destination proposal, an elopement, a traditional wedding or a bridal shower, bachelorette party. Feel free to contact us, we can help.