Guide to get married in New York

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New York is the most expensive yet adorable city in the United States. It has many enormous amenities like pinnacle cultural, metropolis bustling; outclass fashion, art, a variety of food, and almost every fantabulous thing of the world. It is a hometown of many people but many people serve for business purposes. Basically, a huge number of people live in New York. This is the reason it is a top destination for weddings.

Elopement in New York Vs Big Wedding :

As you have met with your soul mate, you need to bond this relation in a never-ending companionship. For this, you can choose to elope, or have a  traditional Wedding planned by us.
People prefer eloping in New York City to save marriage expenses, most probably when they prefer to use these expenses to make these days more memorable with the best honeymoon trip.
A Wedding can be very expensive in New York, but with an elopement with a civil ceremony, you make your nears and dears to take part in your happiness. Both the ways are good to opt, depending upon your desired preference and personal choice.

How to get married in New York?

If you want to get married in New York, then you need a “Marriage License” for $35. For this, you need to consult with the city clerk, this license is obligatory to be officially married in New York. This license lasts its validity for 60 days.

We serve for this purpose in New York. You can contact us for a valid Marriage license in the city that never sleeps. After you have got your Marriage License, then what to do next? You can simply arrange your marriage ceremony at the City clerk’s office or outside that. Because New York City is so diverse, you can choose to have a beach wedding, an elopement at Central Park, or tie the knot on the Brooklyn bridge. For this, you can take better consultancy from us and we will explain our different wedding packages available. We will provide you with trustworthy services.

Civil ceremony in New York:

You can arrange a civil ceremony in New York, at the City Clerk’s office after you get the Marriage license. It needs to have at least one witness of more than 18 years of age with valid identification.

You can arrange a civil or religious ceremony outside the clerk’s office. For this, you need to consult a Marriage Officiant with all the valid rights to serve for this purpose. We serve best for this purpose in New York. We are here to arrange you, what you desire either civil or religious ceremony in the best appropriate way.

Non-religious/nondenominational ceremony In New York:

If you have married lawfully in your country and you want to arrange a non-religious/non-denominational ceremony in New York, then you can consult Marriage Officiants in this regard. Pearl Ivy Events is to provide you unexcelled services. If you are married lawfully in your country then you can consult us freely, we arrange to outclass non-religious/ non-denominational ceremonies.

Where to get married in New York?
The right place to get married in New York is the City Hall, but you can arrange your marriage ceremony at any of the desired location. Brooklyn Winery is the best venue which offers full services; it provides all the necessities of a wedding ceremony in a range of about $50,000. Midtown Loft & Terrace, Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex, Burden Kahn MansionThe Foundry, Housing Works Bookstore Café, 620 loft and garden  are some of the renowned venues which offer best packages for a wedding ceremony in New York.

Best time to get married in New York

When you are planning your marriage ceremony in New York, keep the enlighten charm of nature in your mind.
• Spring:
Spring is the best to marry in New York whereas light winter can be cozy and comfy for marriage ceremonies.
• Winter:
Winters come with early Sunset and late dawn, which serves good for relaxing nights.
• Fall:
When it comes to fall the leaves change their colors and the last days of October and early November suits best for celebration.
• Summer:
July and August summer is very hot. So it is better to choose the right summer days for your marriage ceremony in New York.

We provide reliable services for wedding planning and ceremony arranging. We assure to make your special day even more special. Our classy wedding arrangements will ice your cake to give you unforgettable memories.