Should you go with wedding kids-free or not, pros and cons that you should know ?

by | Feb 7, 2019 | News - Pearl Ivy Events | 0 comments

There are lots of queries and questions about whether you should add children to your guest list for a wedding or not. These kind of questions are not just confusing people but it’s one of the controversial topics. Personally talking about what I believe about kids’ free wedding, I don’t think that it’s a good idea. Kids are the most beautiful thing for a couple once they get married. Without them, the definition of family is incomplete. However, if it’s about the expenses, then the couple should go with a low budget or limited budget wedding instead of grand celebrations. But not including kids to the wedding is highly inappropriate as well as gives an empty feeling to the event. Along with that, asking the guest to not come with their kids and hiring a baby sitter because they are going to attend wedding especially destination weddings are not fair either. Also, it gives a negative vibe from you and damages your image at a certain point too.

But again, there is always a two side of a coin. There are a few reasons because of which wedding professionals don’t recommend to invite kids to the wedding. However, the wedding is yours and it’s your decision at the end. If you are confused about what you should do, then there are pros and cons that can help you for understanding and also taking in the right decision.

Reasons why you should not have wedding kids free: Pros

• Kids make sure that the parents behave
Sometimes some guest gets out of control after drinking too much, well-having kids around them will keep them in control. Along with that, Adults also take special care of their behavior when they are surrounded by kids. Also when the wedding is kids free, people become too much free and careless which can ruin the atmosphere and also the big day of yours.
• You are going to help the guest big time

Especially those guests who also a parent and they left their kids to the caretakers will be on ease. Having their kids with them will keep those parents tension free and relaxed during the wedding. They will enjoy more and also they save lots of others trouble too.
• Kids add their own magic to the wedding

Having kids in the wedding, not just make the wedding look more lively but also add their own magic. The innocent and purity that the kids have will also affect the vibe of the wedding. Along with that, the wedding is a family affair where including the kids will add more meaning to the whole thing.

• Kids make the environment light and happy
Well, it’s really difficult to make sure that everything go well in a wedding especially when you can’t be available everywhere. Sometimes people get into argument or fight, the presence of kids will help in avoiding such situations. Not just that, they can help in keeping the environment happy and bright for everyone especially for you.

Reasons why you should have wedding kids free: Cons

• The parents or other guests can get distracted
Well, these young guests have their own needs which need urgent actions. There is no point of negotiation at that time. However, it will keep the attention of the guest as well as the parents which will distract them during the wedding. There can be emergency situations such as breastfeeding time, urgent washroom, controlling or keeping eye on a sugar high of the kids. Not just that, kids tend to ask lots of questions which can be a major distraction for lots of people.

• Kids require special attention
Having kids in the wedding will take too much attention of everyone as the parents will always worried about where the kids are and what they are doing. It did not just let them enjoy the wedding but also it will be hard to have fun. Wedding kids free will makes their parents focus on the wedding and also let them enjoy everything.

• They are sometimes unpredictable
Kids are surely the most unpredictable creatures. They can get into fights, start crying or worse damage the wedding decorations. It’s not very easy to take care of kids as they can’t stick to one place. These young guests will run here and there, catching them will be tiring for the parents and will both the other guest too. If they are asked for having the roles of flower girl and ring bearer then there are high chances that they will freeze at one place at the very last minute. These things will take unnecessary extra time of everyone and will add chaos that no one wants.

• You have to take ‘Extra’ care in everything
Adding kids to your wedding means you have to take special care of everything. It starts from deciding the theme, food, decoration, and other various things. You can’t choose something adult as there will be kids and it will inappropriate for them. Also, you have to make sure that the food is healthy enough so the kids can eat and also the drinks should be limited. Apart from that, the decorations you choose must be not too much so the kids can be safe and also they don’t damage anything.