Surprise Her With The Right Engagement Ring – Tips To Choose Without Letting Her Know

by | Dec 12, 2018 | News - Pearl Ivy Events |

It is engagement season !!! Congratulations to all future weds!

Engagements and marriage surely pumps a lot of excitement in young couples. They work hard to choose the right engagement ring to mark their loved ones with their possession. It is one sign that they would be carrying all along with them. We have come up with a few tips that you can look into if you are trying to choose the right ring for your engagement and want to surprise her all of a sudden.

Know the size

The first thing that you need to take care of is coming up with the right ring size. This is because no matter how close your engagement is to her choice, it is as good as useless if it is not of the right size. But you need to be tactful for knowing the size as she will get the hint even if you ask her once about the size or she gets indications that you are in search of that. That can ruin the entire surprise plan. The best way to find out the size is by taking a measurement. But this is only applicable if she is a tight sleeper and you have a steady pair of hands. You don’t want to wake her up in the middle of her sleep just to blurt out your surprise plan. You can even consider getting a ring from her collection to check out the size of her ring finger. You can also try to guess the size by comparing it to a finger of your own when you hold are hands during a romantic walk. Well, it is good to be naughty at times.


Most of the women are pretty excited when it comes to their wedding. And such an occasion surely demands excitement. She might unconsciously blurt out a lot of her choices without actually wanting to. If you really want to surprise her, you need to pay close attention to all the little things she goes crazy about. It might be about one of her friend’s wedding, or a new piece of jewelry she came across on the internet or a shop. Collect all the small bits and weave them to find the best choice. Make sure you maintain the surprise till the last moment as holding on to suspense is one of the toughest tasks for boys. But girls love surprises.

Advices from friends and family

It is one of the best options to look into to come up with the best choice. She might not discuss things with you that she would otherwise do with her friends or family members. Reach out to them and turn them to your side. And of course they would help you for you would be surprising their friend or daughter on her big day. You can even ask them manipulate what kind of rings she may be wishing as she would most probably open up to them when poked. It is one of the hardest tasks for girls to hold on to secrets from their friends or mother. Use this to your advantage and if they are smart enough, they can successfully bring out the exact design that your girl may be looking for.

Dart the right questions

If you are good with psychological games, you can easily lure out what she wants. But you need to very careful if you are planning to go with this process as even the slightest mistakes can sell you out. Manipulate her into expressing her true feelings though she may resist it to build up the pressure on you. If you ask her directly, she may even downplay her choice so as to prevent extra expenses from your side. It should be planned out more like a fantasy, like while watching a movie or attending someone else’s engagement. You may even try to lure out her choice by stating your own for engagement rings on other girls. Though it may be a bit risky, you can obviously cover it up if you are smart enough.

Raid her belongings

Another way to come with sure shot answers on her choices is to go through her closet. If you can lay your hands on her jewelry collection, you can easily recognize the pattern or trend she loves when it comes to rings. She might already be having a lot of rings in there but the engagement ring is going to something pretty special. It is one thing that she would carry with her throughout her life. It is thus necessary to come up with something special that also suits her daily style.

Social media

You can check out a lot of options for engagement rings on the various social platforms. You can just come up with a ring of your own choice and just surprise her directly with what you think she will like. If you are taking the step as big as engagement, you should at least know her choices and likings. If you can stalk her on the social media platforms, you can get a clear idea of she is craving for. If you are lucky enough, she might even come up with a list of things she wants for her wedding. Don’t forget to check out her Pinterest.

Whatever you do on the web, make sure you clear out the history or go incognito. How would you feel if you get caught despite all your hard efforts for just a silly browser history that you neglected?