What are the benefits of hiring an Event or Wedding Planner?

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In the United States, requesting services for events In France, even though many agencies have seen the day in the past decade, some people still hesitate to entrust their event to a professional. The question of a limited budget is always explained to the first reason for this lack of enthusiasm.

The organization of the event can be laborious: the Save the Dates, the decorations, and the decor, all the while making seating arrangements. All of this must be taken into account. It is necessary to consider everything, no matter how busy your nights or weekends might be.

It is at this precise moment when you feel completely overwhelmed, that is when the role of the Event planner comes into play.

Request for the services of a busy person, or if you are a busy person, or if you have a clear idea of what you want. But what is being an Event Planner? An event planner is a professional who assists you with your event, which includes: Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, small wedding ceremonies, or even a memorial event for the deceased. All of this is possible.

As the main coordinator, These are just some of the coordinator’s jobs.

If this does not happen, these are some reasons that could change your mind:

Time-Saving Purposes

The preparation for an event, whatever the event may be, requires lots of time. On average, it takes about 350 hours to organize, for example, a wedding. Even if you work on it, you have a family that you need to take care of other activities to do, so this mission is almost impossible.

It is impossible especially if you wish to have a result that astounds your invitees if you did not have much time to organize the event. Because yes, the preparations are the sources of stress. The main role of the Event Planner is to reduce the work on your plate. They will think of everything while accounting for your ideas, decorations, and vision. Then all at once, you will feel lighter because you will have someone you can rely on.


Thanks to their number of contacts, the Event Planner will help you save your plan. Even if you have a professional budget, you will not lose time in your budget. You will not be stuck looking for service providers, but instead will be making comparisons, so your budget will be controlled meticulously. By fixing your budget with an event planner, your role will be organized to cover your expenses.

Some Other Ideas

The Event Planner, where there is a role of the designer, it is for the design and aesthetics of an event. Creativity and a good imagination are some of the qualities that are necessary in order to amaze your guests and make your unique event. You will have already created your mood board

Having an Event Planner also confers the advantages of being able to create new relationships, creating connections to social media, which will allow them to create unique decorations, based on the needs of the customers.

Staying Calm

You will see that an event does not stop with just the choice of a location and a caterer. Other important elements that are taken into consideration such as the RSVP list, the reservation of hotels and transportation for the invitees. And a to-do-list can cause stress and be a source of conflicts, especially because the family all has something to contribute to it. Do not panic! The Event Planner will be there for you. Available throughout your preparations, and the Event Planner will relieve you of this stress. And an unmissable advantage: a Wedding Planner can manage these conflicts and serve as a mediator for between families. Gone will be the times when you and your in-laws come into conflict. You can now have your Event Planner work in your stead. They will also intervene on the day in the case of emergencies. Your role that day will be to make the most of your day with your invitees.

Even if it creates a bit of an expense, requesting the services of an Event Planner will take away lots of stress. From the beginning, you will see the benefits. finally,

No Need To Call Other People For Help

As professionals, we have an obligation to deliver results. We want to keep you as peaceful as possible between you and all involved parties during your event.

And Stay Realistic

Organizing an event is costly. You have a doubt idea, a vision that is probably limited by financial means. It is not always possible to get what we want, it is necessary to opt for alternative solutions, like waiting and economizing. So request an Event Planner to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Tranquility + Time Saving + Economic = Happy Client

Are you convinced? Do you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. Pearl Ivy offers a multitude of service: full or partial events, styling and design, civil ceremonies and more. It’s up to you to decide what is best for you.