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New York, the city that never sleeps. The land of skyscrapers. A melting pot of cultures, arts, languages and people. It makes for an ideal setting. A perfect place to fall in love and to fall in love with. Just ask Woody Allen about the magic of this city. So, how do you get married in New York? Well we have got you covered here as we give you all the nitty gritty about getting married in New York. From wedding officiant to ceremony rituals to civil ceremony to religious ceremony. We will shed light at it all. Let’s start then.

Legal requirements for getting married in New York:

First of all, you would need a marriage license to get married in New York. You can get it by applying for it online or in person. The application of marriage license must be signed by both the applicants and they need to be present in person to file their application. The application is filed to the city clerk’s office. The fee for obtaining the license is US$35 which can be paid via credit card or pay order. But not in cash. You can get married after 24 hours of receiving the license. It is valid for 60 calendar days starting from the day it is issued.

Benefits of getting married in New York:

There are many fun benefits for getting married in New York. Some of them are;

• New York offers a ton of quirky places to get married. How about a flying helicopter or by the beachside or a glitzy mall? Don’t be restricted to churches or city halls.

• Get to experience the hustle and bustle of New York, its eclectic culture and unique flavors all while you are getting married.

• New York is picture perfect. Your wedding destination can be your honeymoon destination too.

• Get your wedding shoot done on classic New York landmarks like The Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Squares etc.

Who will officiate your wedding ceremony in New York?

A wedding officiant is a person who is legally entitled to marry two persons. In New York city you can get this job done from a lot of persons. It all depends on your preference. If you are religiously inclined than you can hire the member of the clergy or a judge, a civil servant, a notary public etc. He could also be anyone close to the couple. A friend, family member etc. But for that he needs to have the license…

Civil vs Symbolic ceremony: It has also become an important issue which couples need to decide before the actual wedding. Let us look at what is meant by a civil and a symbolic ceremony.

Civil Wedding: A civil wedding is one which is legally recognized by the government. The couple has got all the legal documents to tie the knot.

Symbolic wedding: A symbolic wedding is just like your regular wedding except that there is no legal documentation of it. The couple doesn’t care about legal formalities or paperwork. If you opt for a symbolic ceremony it is not a legally binding contract in the eye of the law.

Destination vs Elopement marriage: Another important decision that the couple needs to arrive at is whether they want a destination or an elopement marriage?

Like civil vs symbolic here too the couple’s personal choice is important. Each has its own pros and cons.

Let’s briefly discuss the concepts of both destination and elopement marriages.

Destination marriage: It is when the couple announce their wedding months in advance and plan for it well ahead of time. Guests are informed and invited. Venue decided. Officiant finalized. The wedding planner, florist, make up artist, dress designer all are taken on board and made part of wedding ceremony’s rituals. Admittedly this type of wedding is lavish and grand. It is therefore more expensive and elaborate. You can go for it when you have enough budget and you want to make a big deal out of your wedding.

Elopement marriage: Elopement marriage is when a couple secretly decides to get married preferably at some other place than the place of their residence. They take on board small coterie of family and friends. The marriage is officiated by the minister or anyone the couple agrees on. This type of wedding is cheaper and an intimate affair.

New York can be a very good setting for elopement marriages because it is economical and the couple would get all the privacy they want. You would save on wedding planner’s fee and other wedding arrangements.

Another interesting advantage of elopement marriage is you can have it now and, in a few years, you can have another big wedding. People like to renew their wedding vows and throw a big bash on the occasion then. You can also do the same if your wedding budget is currently short.

Places to get married to in New York city:

New York city is full of iconic places. There is something that would cater to everyone. There are cafes where with the famous skyline of the New York in the backdrop. The Weather Room at Top of the Rock is another popular venue. Your will get a stunning view of the city from there. There are a lot of parks to choose from. Waterside venues along the East River. New York is also not short of opulent hotels where you can marry in style. There are baseball stadiums for couples who love baseball. You can also try boats. There are two boats available on Hudson Bay. You can be on the go or on the standstill during the wedding ceremony. Some abandoned factories have been converted into chic event halls. Plus, there are libraries, art galleries and museums with one or two floors or lawns which you can rent out and use as your wedding venue.

New York is a great wedding destination. There is no dearth of interesting places there to get married. You can have a civil or a symbolic wedding ceremony there. It is also up to you whether you want an elopement or a destination wedding.

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